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An article for every mood and [MONEY] need for you and your business

Sometimes you just get in a mood, am I right? You know you need something but you're not sure where to find it. Sometimes what you need is a bit of loving or healing. Other times you need some practical and sage advice or a shift in perspective. And other times you need a kick up the backside or some serious energy [re]alignment.

So we've put together 7 article clusters, or groups, to help you find the articles that you need when you need it.

You can find all of these articles inside our MONEY special. Check out our curated article cluster list below and then grab your copy of MONEY today.

For when you need practical tips

Your Recipe for More: More Rest and More Money by Jennifer Major

Money Moves to Make When the World is on Fire by Meg K. Wheeler

Ask Sankeetha: Talking recession and recession-proofing your business by Sankeetha Selvarajah

Compassionate High-Profit Pricing Mechanisms by Heidi Holvoet

For when you need a bit of healing

How is Financial Trauma Affecting Your Success by Dr. Fanike-Kiara Olugbala Young

Money & the Nervous System: How safe do you feel around money? by Lisa Jara

Witch Wound and Money by Gigi Bier

For when you need a bit of a kick

Money. Power. Women by Harriette Jackson

Does Money Change People by Natalie Bullen

For when you need some advice

3 Ways to Fall Out of Fear and Into Love with Money by Nicole Barham

The One Thing You Need to do to Never Outlive Your Money by Mina Black

Planning for Real Profits: The 4-Step Roadmap to Grow Past $100K with Confidence in Your Money by Belinda Rosenblum

Project Equity and They Will Come by Sedruola Maruska

For when you need extra loving

Cosmically Curated Bookshelf - Money Edition All the book recommendations you could ever need to feed your money mind by Tonya Melendez Gonzalez

Partnership Parenting: Guiding Children to Develop a Healthy Money Mindset by Marisa Raymond

Herbal Tea Blend: Tea Alchemy for Abundance by Amandine Ayala

Sometimes We All Need a Little Money Therapy so We Can Fall in Love by Wendy Petties

For when you need a shift in perspective

This Radical Shift in Perception Will Make You Feel Deeply Worthy of Millions by Merel Kriegsman

You Get to Choose Your Experience with Money by Chioma Njoku

What if Money Grows on Trees by Annemiek van Helsdingen

What if You Already Have it All? by Dr. Ghaz Samandari

Letting Your Passions Lead the Way to Generational Wealth by Cynthia McFarlane

For when you need energy alignment

How to Become and Energetic Match for the Money You Desire by Suzy Ashworth

Why the State of Your Bank Account is Directly Related to Your Dominant Persona by Victoria Maskell

A Letter from Lakshmi: Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune by Jennifer Lancaster

The Four Success Saboteurs Blocking Your Wealth by Natasha Bray

So, regardless of what mood you're in or what you need for your life and business when it comes to wealth and money, our annual MONEY special has it. Get your copy today.

MONEY is available in digital and print starting at $22.


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MONEY is brought to you by our Legacy Sponsor, Meg K. Wheeler

Whether you’re still figuring out the biz money stuff, or you’re ready to get to the next level but clueless about how to get there, Meg is there to give you the confidence, clarity, and data to build a business that works for you. No matter where you are in your business journey, Meg is with you. Find out more at

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