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A Vision for Your Expansion and Growth

Did you write a vision for 2023? A plan of what you wanted to achieve over the next 12 months. Did you feel excited and ready to go when the clock struck midnight at New Year but now you feel you have lost the momentum a little?

Has self-doubt decided to pay you a visit and you’re questioning how this year will be different from before?

If you are, I want you to know that this year can be different.

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It can be different when you create a vision that is led by your soul. A vision that sustains you through the whole year, a vision that lights you up, excites you and makes you feel alive.

A vision that makes you feel emotional because this is where your drive, your energy, your dreams, and excitement sit. Where you feel the goosebumps of expansion and growth because your vision feels so right.

A vision where you feel inspired, creative, and confident you can bring your vision into reality. So, when you look back at this time next year, you are celebrating not only what you’ve achieved but also how good you feel and how far you’ve come.

A vision without judgement from yourself and others because you know in your heart and soul it is right for you.

As an entrepreneur led by your soul, you have everything within you to do this and I have five steps to share with you that will help you to create your Soul Vision.

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Anne-Louise Harbutt is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, helping soul-led women to stop questioning themselves, to come out of their heads and to confidently trust what is in their heart and soul that makes them feel SO expansive. Ready to trust yourself more? Head over to for lots of free resources.


Published in full inside Issue 21 · February 2023 issue of SOULACY.

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