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Dive into the Annual MONEY Special Edition of SOULACY Magazine!

MONEY 2023 is an annual special edition from SOULACY. Digital editions are available immediately upon purchase. Print editions are posted within 72 hours.

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MONEY 2023 is brought to you in partnership with our amazing Legacy Sponsor, Sue West of The West Law Office, offering personal injury representation.

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Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and gain a competitive edge with the annual MONEY Special Edition of SOULACY. Dive into a wealth of insights, success stories, and expert advice that will fuel your business growth, financial success, and help you explore your money mindset, heal your money trauma, and improve your relationship to wealth creation and money.

Don't miss out—grab your copy today and unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial prosperity!

what you'll read about inside

MONEY 2023

Money mindset · Financial planning · Healing money trauma · Recognising money beliefs · Talking about money · Investing · Increasing revenue · Business growth · Income strategies · Generating wealth · Sustainable financial practices · Manifesting/Money alignment · Living abundantly · Generational + legacy planning · and more

written by experts from around the world

Between the Covers

Feature articles:

Take the Taboo Out of Talking About Money

The Science Behind Manifesting

Shattering the Six-Figure Success Myth



When the Numbers Don't Say Success

Arm Wrestling My Money Story

7 Steps for Sticking to A Budget

Step-by-Step Guide to Manifesting with Ease

10 Unusual Ways to Attract Money

How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

A Spiritual Money Journey

Confidence to Coins

Income from Following Your Creative Intuition

Perfectionism and Your Relationship with Money

Struggle to Strength: Confronting Money Myths

Unleashing Financial Freedom

Unlocking the LUXEMoney Mindset

You Might Have an Upper Limit Problem

Why Cash FLOW is the Real KING

Embodying Abundance Consciousness

Healing Generations-Long Money Trauma

A Budget Can Be Expansive

Transforming Your Physical Relationship to Money

Deeply Rooted Connection Between Money and Safety

Money: The Currency of Power

What is Wealth... Really?

+ Book and podcast recommendations from our experts



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