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Suzy Ashworth

Dominique Mullally

Harriette Jackson

Morgan Blackman

Meg K. Wheeler


The MONEY Issue - Special Edition August 2021

Top names in the industry sharing their expertise all in one place

All the in-depth articles, inspirational stories, expert advice, + the heart and soul that you've come to expect from SOULACY brought together for a special annual Money edition coming this summer.  

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The perfect summer read to have more growth, expansion, transformation + money.

We'll be talking all things wealth building, recurring income, sustainable finances, growth mindset, equality, manifesting, legal, modern accounting, and so much more.

Victoria Maskell

Gemma Went

Mina Ennin Black

Featuring: Suzy Ashworth, Dominque Mullally, Harriette Jackson, Gemma Went, Morgan Blackman, Meg K. Wheeler, Victoria Maskell, Natalie Bullen, and Mina Ennin Black

Natalie Bullen

Plus, some of your favourite SOULACY contributors: Ebonie Allard, Tonya Gonzalez, Sedruola Maruska, Shari Teigman, Sarah Joanne Ashurst, Anne-Louise Harbutt, SharRon Jamison, and Sankeetha Selvarajah.