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Sharing your magic with SOULACY

What you need to know as a featured writer

Here at SOULACY, our mission is to inspire, educate, & support soulful womxn on their journey of creating a legacy through soul-inspired entrepreneurship.



Reaches 30,000+ entrepreneurs each month

Has over 25 contributors from 6 countries

The only magazine on soul legacy entrepreneurship

Our readers are soulful, brilliant, intuitive womxn creating their legacy through their soul businesses.


Each month SOULACY supports change makers, visionaries, powerhouses, dreamers, creators, & legacy builders in their mission of uplifting the world through their soul-inspired businesses.

In each issue of SOULACY we're talking all things...

  • Building generational wealth

  • Growth mindset

  • Leadership

  • Health: Physical, mental, spiritual

  • Authentic marketing and storytelling

  • Growing a sustainable business

  • Diversity, inclusion, and social consciousness

  • Embodying your power

  • Self-care

  • Working with your energy and trusting your intuition

  • Being the voice of the change you want to see in the world


Follow these 3 steps to get published in SOULACY.

Step 1

Complete your contact form

Step 2

Submit your article by the 7th of the month

Step 3

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The Specifics for Your Article

There is no word count minimum or maximum for articles submitted to SOULACY

All articles are due by the 7th of the month for the month that you are submitting to

Articles are submitted via the form above

Featured writer articles are most commonly placed in the center of the book

Featured writers receive one free 1/4 page advertising spot in the issue they're submitting to

+ a bit more...

As a featured writer it is important to keep in mind the mission, vision, readership, and topics we cover while writing your article.

Being a featured writer means that you're more likely to get middle-of-the-book placement, which is where the longer, more in-depth articles are found and is the most sought after placement for writers.

Minor edits for clarity, flow, and grammar will be done. Any proposed edits that require more than these minor changes will be sent to you for approval prior to publication.


We reserve the right to not publish submissions that we don't feel are appropriate for our readership or to publish in a future issue that is more aligned with your article.  


Any questions, please contact Michelle Ireland at editor@soulacymagazine.com