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Marketing the Soul Led Way

with Katie Johns of Lovable Media

Katie is an Intuitive Marketing & Strategy Mentor who specialises in Soul Led Marketing △ For Conscious Change Makers

"If you are a soul led entrepreneur and you are struggling to connect to your content marketing and create a strategy that feels fully aligned to you, there is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t suit the ‘old’ way of marketing your business.

Traditional internet selling, the old paradigm, whatever you want to call it, stifles you, it drains you, it zaps you of your passion and joy to create, because you don’t fit the old, purely masculine ways of doing business.

You need to lead with your soul, you need to be so deeply connected to who YOU are, your purpose, passion, vision, values and who you were put on this earth to help first before you even start to think about a strategy and creating content."

In this Masterclass Katie will walk you through her 10 P’s of Soul Led Marketing (the very foundations of the work she does) and how making sure you are in alignment with these, and the intentions you set in each area, can truly change the way you feel about and do marketing. Welcome to the soul led way.