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- June Special -


Buy a Priority Editing Reservation this month and complete your book in 2023 to save $100 on editing

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June Special

Buy a Priority Editing Reservation this month and complete your book in 2023 to save $100 on editing

Editing Priority Reservations are non-refundable. Reservations allow you to jump to the front of the queue when your manuscript is ready and come with accountability support for the duration of your project. Priority reservations are valid for 12 months from the date of reservation. $100 of your reservation will be applied toward your final invoice. Only 10 reservations remaining for 2023.


with the world


You've had the courage and confidence to share your wisdom, insights, and experiences. You've spent hours working your magic on your words and you're ready to share it with the world. 


But first, let's make sure your magic comes through because nothing ruins a great book like typos, poor grammar, confusing transitions, and funky punctation.

I've been editing SOULACY for some time now and before that I was editing academic works in addition to running various businesses. And for the past 20 years, I've been an avid reader (read: hundreds of books a year), falling in love with words and books after my twins were born. 

There was a time that I wanted to be a book editor as a profession and it's interesting how now after all the twists and turns I've found my way here again. 

I know I was meant to take this winding path because it's filled out my mission. 

Every day with SOULACY I see  all the women out there doing the work to make the world a more equitable and welcoming place for everyone. Doing what they can in their businesses to make their communities wealthier, healthier, and safer. And doing the personal inner work so they have the courage to share their expertise and experience with the world. 

Yet... so many struggle to communicate it through words. Each month I edit articles that are pure magic and I am incredibly grateful that I get to be the person that sprinkles a bit of faerie dust on their words to make them that much more powerful. And inside each issue of SOULACY there are book recommendations, most of them written by women, which I love beyond words.

But it wasn't until our recent MONEY special that I really felt the fire to look at book editing again. Because what I saw on the pages of our MONEY special was nothing short of world changing. Here we had all these remarkable women talking about important topics on wealth, money, investing, profits and pricing, healing money trauma, manifesting, living abundantly and more, yet collectively it wasn't even a drop in the bin.  (Find our why here.)


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I am surrounded each month by powerhouse women who are wise and wonderful and I want to spread that beyond the magazine. And my special way to do that is to help more women entrepreneurs create the books they've always dreamed of writing. I do this through editing, from developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading, AKA, sprinkling faerie dust on your magic.

I work exclusively with women entrepreneurs in everything that I do with SOULACY and with my editing because I genuinely want to help women have more money, have more autonomy, have more choices, seek and attain more for themselves than they've been told they can have, and ultimately have more power over their own lives and communities (and bodies, because for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ we still don't). SOULACY supports these women who are doing this through entrepreneurship because we believe that through women-led entrepreneurship we can change the world for the betterment of everyone. And I do my small part by helping these women get their words and wisdom into the world through their books.   



the power of

working exclusively with women entrepreneurs

in everything we do



Levels of Editing


  • Comes in at the final stage of the book

  • Checks for consistency, formatting, and layout and anything that has been previously been missed

  • Starts at $.02/word


  • Comes in once the book is mostly written or completed

  • Edits for grammar, flow, structure, punctuation

  • Starts at $.03/word


  • Comes in earlier in the writing process

  • More involved editing done to help move along the content, influence flow and pacing, and develop message.

  • Starts at $.04/word

Editing Priority Reservations are non-refundable. You have 12 months to complete your manuscript for editing from the date of your reservation. $100 of your reservation will be applied toward your final invoice. 

Reading Glasses on Book
Dry Roses and Diary
adding more to the



In the coming years we'll be creating a publishing house that works exclusively with women entrepreneurs and founders to bring their books into the world . (Think Hay House, but more exclusive)
Because I (and all of us here at SOULACY) really do believe, nay, KNOW! that together women entrepreneurs and founders will be the people to make the world a more equitable world for all. 

So, let's get started today by making the magic of your book that much more powerful.

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Michelle is such a terrific Fairy Godmother Editor!!

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