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You're changing the world. You're following your soul path. You're stepping into the unknown and trusting your intuition. You're dreaming big and going all in.


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Each month we bring together an amazing community of diverse contributors to share their unique voices on the topics that will inspire, educate, and support you on your journey to creating a powerful legacy through your business.

Meet the Heart of SOULACY: Our Contributors


Shari Teigman

  • Instagram

Shari is a performance mentor and creative business strategist. She helps the non-Average Joes + Janes of the world become the optimal you for your optimal business


Sedie Maruska

  • Instagram

Sedruola is an equity, inclusion, and social justice consultant and diversity advocate. Her passion is cultivating cultures and mindsets of inclusion for a better world.

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Amandine Ayala

  • Instagram

Amandine supports purpose-led womxn entrepreneurs by infusing magical client experience into their business, one bespoke tea blend at a time.


Hannah Flores

  • Instagram

Hannah is an authentic marketing strategist & mentor and mental health champion. She helps wellness entrepreneurs to get visible and attract their DREAM clients.

Sarah Ashurst.jpg

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

  • Facebook

Sarah Joanne is an Elemental Realm Reader and Energy Healer, she connects people to their magic, through readings, energy healings, meditations and courses.


Annemiek van Helsdingen

  • Instagram

Annemiek is the Founder and CEO of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching: a systemic, generative approach that invites practical change for clients, rooted in our client's embodied soul wisdom.


Precious Rodgers

  • Instagram

Presh is a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Ads Specialist (or Pinterest Badass for short) and she helps online coaches, service providers, & content creators pimp Pinterest to get more eyes on their content, grow their email list with action takers and overall skyrocket their visibility with and without ads.


Sankeetha Selvarajah, Esq

  • Instagram

Sankeetha is the Managing Attorney of Selvarajah Law P.C With more than a decade of legal and business consulting experience, she's passionate about creating better businesses by making law accessible to business owners. She is also the CEO of STARTUP DOX, a business educational platform with cost--effective legal guidance.

Emma head shot wall.jpg

Emma Mason

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Emma helps womxn in leadership roles thrive in their careers by building their confidence to lead from the heart and transform the way life and business is done through my signature online programs and memberships.


Sinead Needham

  • Instagram

Sinead helps empower people, guiding them back to themselves and their infinite power through coaching, healing, meditation and initiation.


Ebonie Allard

  • Instagram

Ebonie Allard is an award winning International Master Coach. She’s a Misfit turned Maven, an author, an artist, a podcaster and a Priestess.


Marisa Raymond

  • Instagram

Marisa is a parenting coach, yoga teacher, and board-certified genetic counselor. She helps families go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, disconnected to finding more opportunities to create fun, ease, joy, and togetherness – on and off the mat.


SharRon Jamison

  • Instagram

SharRon Jamison is a life strategist, author, minister, entrepreneur, and corporate leader who is committed to helping you BE who you were born to be, and not settle for what society has taught and told you to be.

cathy topping yellow scarf.jpg

Cathy Topping

  • Facebook

Cathy is a sales conversion copywriter and writing coach for coaches and therapists. She's also a mum of twin girls, loves a daily walk in the woods, and plans to write a novel (one day...no really...)


Jennifer Lancaster

  • Instagram

Jennifer is an intuitive life coach, certified angel card reader, blogger, and creatrix. She loves to connect women with their creativity, intuition, and the deepest most intimate level of love that they can develop within. Her motto is,"If it's not fun, I'm not doing it."


Rhiannon Griffiths

  • Instagram

Known as the Five Element Wellness Woman, Rhiannon helps successful + sensitive female entrepreneurs to slow down, to recover from burnout + fatigue, by bringing more calm, balance + mind-body wellness into their lives... Holding space for gentle healing via Sacred Rest retreats, online immersions + monthly subscription sessions - including acupuncture, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Energywork + Chinese Medicine wisdom...

Katie Johns Brand-81 (5).jpg

Katie Johns

  • Instagram

Katie is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach helping you uncover the blocks that are holding you back in your life and business. Reclaim your power, self-congruence, self-trust, and self-reliance to embrace your version of freedom and success now.


Anne-Louise Harbutt

  • Facebook

Anne-Louise Harbutt is an Intuitive Leadership Coaching helping soul-led women to connect with their true self and their natural intuition so they can trust themselves to make better decisions in their life and business.


Kate Woolsey

  • Instagram

I'm an award-winning holistic wellness + alignment coach who teaches soul-led business owners to calibrate their intuition, take desire-driven action and go from uncertain to unstoppable with ease.

Lottie Reeves bio.JPG

Lottie Reeves

  • Instagram

Lottie is an advocate for perinatal mental health and wellbeing, imperfection and feeling all the feelings. She is a cheerleader for Big Dreamers with a superpower in helping you live life to the beat of your own drum.


Joanna Hall

  • Facebook

Jo Hall is a Transformation Mentor, intuitively and soulfully guiding others away from perfection, pretence and pressure to a place of knowing, worthiness and calm confidence. Jo empowers other women to unashamedly reconnect with their soulful sass and sparkle.


Tonya Melendez Gonzalez

  • Instagram

Tonya Gonzalez aka Tarot Life Coach is a born Psychic Medium. From her humble beginnings, reading Tarot cards in a Chicago cafe to international fame as she was voted #3 Psychic in the World.

Ntathu Allen.jpg

Ntathu Allen

  • Facebook

Ntathu is an author, writer and certified mindfulness teacher who helps Black womxn and womxn of colour facing stress at work, to reset and recharge, so they stay balanced, inspired and focused on their dreams for a better world.

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