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Reinvent Your Reality: A Positively Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Life & Work

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Sally Anne Carroll
Reinvent Your Reality: A Positively Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Life & Work

Reinvent Your Reality: A Positively Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Life & Work

About the book

Reinvent Your Reality: A Positively Practical Guide to Revitalizing Your Life & Work will help you to reconnect to what matters, create an inspiring vision for the future and map out your plan to achieve it. This book will introduce you to a six-stage reinvention process for creating new possibilities for your life and work—and confidently making them happen.Blending practical exercises, evidence-based practices and coaching wisdom along with personal experience, inside you'll find:·      

  • Step-by-step guidance to take stock of where you are and identify what’s next for you, personally and professionally·      

  • Encouragement and inspiration to create an inspiring vision for your future and to initiate and navigate change·      

  • Strategies you can use to effectively reinvent yourself and anything in your life·      

  • Practical tips for how to stay focused on your vision and keep moving forward through uncertainty and obstacles·      

  • Access to a comprehensive workbook of downloadable resources to put your learning — and your future plans — into action If it’s time to re-evaluate what’s working (and not working) in your life & career, this positive, supportive and highly actionable book is like having an experienced personal coach by your side.

A Practical and Fun Roadmap for Rediscovering Who We Are and What We Want This book could not have come at a better time for me. Coming off of a few years that threw me some unexpected twists personally...along with a global pandemic, I found myself very confused about who I was, where I was wanting to go, and what really got me excited about my life. The roadmap Sally has created is rich with inspiration and also challenging. Sally continuously weaves in her own insights from her experience as a professional coach, and someone who has gone through reinvention herself. She also poses the tough questions that made me pause and think. I found myself really taking the time to stop and sit with where I was, and be able to get excited again to re-explore the possibilities for what's next. I can honestly say that after going through Reinvent Your Reality, I feel much more connected to who I am now, and have regained the confidence in myself to move forward and create more of what I want.

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Sally Anne Carroll

Sally Anne Carroll is an internationally credentialed life and career coach, author and founder of Whole Life Strategies Coaching. She supports high-performing professionals and entrepreneurs who crave, or are facing, significant changes in their life or work to reinvent their reality so that they’re living and working in alignment with their values, strengths, needs, and priorities. As a reinvention strategist and sustainable success coach, Sally is known as a fierce advocate for designing the life-work blend that provides you more of what matters every day.

Get to know Sally Anne on Instagram at @sallyannecarroll

Sally Anne Carroll
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