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Cover - Nov_Dec 2021.jpg

Current Issue: Nov/Dec 2021

Featured Writers:

Tash Mitch

Top Articles:

Use Human Design to Grow Your Business

You Can't Make Building Decisions From a Broken Place

Meet the Soul of Your Business

The Call of Desire

Mo' Money, Mo' Growth

Your 'Too Much' is Your Superpowe

Power Beneath Self-Sabotage

Meeting Extraction Culture in Yourself


Chat & A Cuppa Takeover with Katie & Ebonie

Lunar Journal Prompts

Looking Ahead

Love Notes from Lottie


Embracing Expansion with Sinead

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Over 170 pages of self-care, self-love, wisdom, and cosy magic


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Featuring the voices and wisdom of: Michelle Seijas, Ebonie Alchemy, Jo Hall, Toni Hench, Michelle Chalfant, Anniedi Essien, Sarah Knight, Allison Borstad, Marisa Raymond, Shawny Sena, Tonya Meléndez Gonzalez, Shari Teigman, Stacy Zeal, Athena Sayaka, Kate Woolsey, Monica Marie Jones, Leonie Dawson, Sally Anne Carroll, Laura Eigel, Ph.D., Nadia Ahrens, LICSW, Debbie Danon, Shari Broder, Dr. Marcuetta Sims, Marie Houlden, Lottie Reeves, Reka Robinson, Jennifer Major, Cheri Yazzie, and Jennifer Lancaster.

Cover - Sept_Oct 2021.jpg

Sept/Oct 2021

Featured Writers:

Maria Ortega Garcia

Emma O'Brien

Stephanie C Starla

Top Articles:

Break Free From the Imposter Trap

Languages and Identity

Getting Over Visibility Fears

Shining Like Beyoncé

BECOMING the Womxn You Want

Rise of Feminine Business

Choosing Your Squad

Law of Polarity

Starting a Business Over 60

How & When to Ask For Help


MONEY Special

Featured Writers:

Suzy Ashworth​, Mina Ennin Black

Morgan Blackman, Natalie Bullen

Harriette Jackson, Victoria Maskell

Dominique Mullally, Belinda Rosenblum

Gemma Went, Meg K. Wheeler

Top Articles:

Healing Money Shame

Financial Empowerment is Feminism

Suzy Ashworth's Manifestation Method

The Pursuit of Money

Building Wealth for Liberation

Racism & Wealth: Breaking the Cycle

Soul Led Recurring Revenue

The Science of Getting Rich

Redefining Your Next Level

Cover - July_August 2021.png

July/August 2021

Featured Writers:

Abby Wilkes

Hatti Burt

Haulwen Nicholas

Top Articles:

Pretending is Not Self-Protection

Capturing the Essence of a Soul

The Beauty & Pitfalls of Empathy

Laser Focus Your Antiracism Work

The Lost 11 Universal Laws

Are Your Values, YOUR Values

Choosing Joy

What Are You Calling Into Your Life

Self Care Inspired by Summer

Reconnecting With Your Magical Mojo

Intuitive Branding

Cover - June_July 2021.png

June/July 2021

Featured Writer:

Tonya Gonzalez

Top Articles:

Dear Woo Woo World

Debunking The Law of Attraction

Choosing Your Aligned Holiday

Infusing Calm Into Your Day

Slaying the Dragon

Hidden Gems of Boredom

Get Still But Don't Get Stuck

How to Show Up Authentically on Video

Greatest Leaders Never Stand Alone

You Get to Choose

On Sovereignty

Cover - May:June 21.png

May/June 2021

Featured Writers:

Clare Fielder

SharRon Jamison

Top Articles:

Implicit Bias Equals Inequality

Is Leadership Becoming a Dirty Word

Embracing Your Uniqueness

Why Womxn Struggle With Power

Creating a Story You Can Believe In

Balancing Your Root Chakra

Healing is a Journey, Not an Event

Understanding the Buyer's Mind

Falling in Love With Your Resistance

Reframing Clarity

Cover - April:May21.jpg

April/May 2021

Featured Writers:

Anne-Louise Harbutt

Harriette Jackson

Julie Wrathall

Top Articles:

Doing Business in the Aquarian Age

Taking the Ego Out of Coaching

How Self-Care Turned Political

Listen From Your Heart

How to Use Your Intuition When Writing

The Spiritual Is Political

What's Help Got to Do With It

Managing Your Energy

You Have Been Chosen: Are you ready

Cover - March:April21.png

March/April 2021

Featured Writer:

Monica Monfre

Top Articles:

Marketing the Soul Led Way

Unfinished Business: Past Lives

Own the Clubhouse Mic

Reflection on Grace & Space

Aligning with Mother Nature

Call of the Wise Woman

Not So Secret Secrets to Success

Being Yourself

Breathing & Pausing

What Spring Teaches Us

You Are Worthy

Business Intuition