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The Best of the Best Special Anniversary Edition

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Available in digital and print



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About the Issue

The special edition is a collection of the very best from the past year, including all three specials from 2022, RELATE, SELF CARE, and MONEY. So if you missed a single issue last year, or didn't gift yourself the specials, THIS is the issue to buy.

Featuring 24 writers from around the world, 32 editorials, stories, poems, and advice, plus book + podcast recommendations, and whole lot of love.

Excerpt from the welcome note:

Anniversaries can be celebratory or merely noteworthy. They can be filled with love or with sadness. They can be shared with groups of people or simply a personal recollection accompanied by a deep breath and a moment of silence. However, they are always a way to reflect on linked experiences and notice what's changed, what's come and gone, and what's been learned.

This special edition of SOULACY is in honour and celebration of our second year together. This past year we've created a community, WAVEPOOL, where we've brought together visionary women who want to experience the journey of life and entrepreneurship more fully by doing it - and laughing (and sometimes crying) about it - together. We've moved into publishing our issues in print, and we've expanded our international reach to numbers we couldn't even fathom a year ago. 

It has been a year of graceful growth, of trials and learnings, frustrations and exuberance, and the feeling of bliss that comes from being more firmly rooted in our mission and purpose and finding creative and expansive ways to share it with all of you. And most of all, this past year has been filled with connections and relationships that have made all of it so much fun - even the scary, nauseous, cover-my-eyes-I-can't-look moments.

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this past year. Enjoy this issue dedicated to reflecting on what an amazing year it's been and looking forward to the time we have still ahead of us.

Featuring 24 writers from around the world, 32 editorials, stories, poems, and advice, plus book + podcast recommendations, and whole lot of love.

Inside the Issue:

22    3 Ways to Tap Into the Energy of Spring

23    The Key to Balance is Compassion

25    Self-Care and the Micro-Sabbatical

26    Ask Ebonie: Future Thinking vs Presence in the Moment

30    Herbal Magic & Tea Alchemy with Amandine

32    Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya

34   Radical Shift in Perspective

36   How to Make & Keep Friends as an Adult

38   Money Moves to Make Right Now

42    How to Be an Energetic Match for Your Desired Money

46    Bloom Bitch - Painting series by Jennifer Lancaster

48    Honoring Wellness Beyond Weight

52    Nice is Overrated

56    Are You Addicted to Stress?

60    Radical Rest is the New Radical Responsibility

64    Finding Softness as a Black Women Entrepreneurs

68    Partnership Parenting

72    Guiding Children to a Healthy Money Mindset

76    MOMents of Mindfulness with Marisa

80    Money and Your Nervous System

86    Explore Your Emotions

89   The Blessings of Anniversaries

92   Money. Power. Women

97    Tender Love: A Poem for Freedom

102   Seriously Strong Self-Trust

106   Invitation to Meet Your Polarity

110    Get to Know Your Anger

112    Project Equity and They Will Come

116    Writing From Your Soul's Edge

118   What's Blossoming Inside You?

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Available in digital and print



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