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May 2023

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About the Issue

Excerpt from the editor's Welcome: "I love the quality of the connections in Wavepool [community] and the calibre of Soulacy women." The calibre of SOULACY women... I love that. It shows that we're creating a whole vibe here, that we're attracting interesting, curious, vibrant women, and that everyone is finding value in it. 

And that calibre is prominent throughout this issue. The depth that our writers have gone in to for their pieces this month - the vulnerability that they have shared and shown us, is remarkable. From sharing their personal experience with depression, to talking about trauma, to sharing just how difficult it is to keep doing the work, our writers have demonstrated just how authentic and wise they truly are. They are SOULACY women. 

May is Women's Health Month and Mental Health Month and what a brilliant combination to bring into our awareness. The articles in this issue reflect that intrinsically, our writers felt aligned with those areas of health and well-being. The following pages are full of introspection, wisdom, compassion, vulnerability, and support, and done in the loving way that you've come to expect from SOULACY.  

And isn't that a beautiful thing? 

At a time when so much of the world feels rather uncaring and polarising, and many are fearful, hurt, and discarded - where so many feel invisible, misunderstood, and constantly at battle to simply be welcome as themselves - to have this small space of time and place to spend within the pages of SOULACY to feel seen and cared for and inspired to keep growing, to keep moving forward, to keep being absorbed in your purpose, is beyond words.

Inside the Issue:

18    When You Just Know in Your Soul

20    How to Say YES to YOU by Saying No

22    Celebrating Your Existence

24    4 Steps to Uncover Your Untapped Wealth

28    Building a Better Relationship with Your Business

30 Overcoming False Fears

32    What Qualifies as Trauma?

34    MOMents of Mindfulness: The Work is Never Done

38 Dealing with Depression and Doubt

40 Nourishing Your Writing with the Wisdom of Plants

44    Nutrition That Supports Your Mental Health

52   When Doubt Sneaks Into Your Business 

54   Unshakable Confidence as a Neurodivergent Woman

56   Living Vulnerably

58    It's Time to Rest: A Poem by Ntathu Allen


Available Formats

Available in digital and pring



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