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March 2022 · Spring Equinox · Anniversary Special

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About the Issue

It's our Anniversary Special and we've put together the very best from Year One plus bring together articles, stories, and advice from our Resident Writers.

Inside the Issue:

  • Aligning with Mother Nature and the Wood Element

  • The Ascendent: A short poem for lovers of the earth

  • Love Notes from Lottie: New beginnings

  • Ideas for When You Get Stuck

  • Empowering You: Embracing the Changing Seasons

  • Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya Melendez Gonzalez: Focus on intentionality

  • Aligned Business Strategies with Dawn Gatward

  • Herbal Magic & Tea Alchemy with Amandine: Spring herbs

  • Feel Calmer, Happier, & Have More Inner Peace: Nutrition that supports your mental health

  • Ask Ebonie: Daily practices to manage your changing moods

  • The Big Shift: Business in the Aquarian Age vs the Piscean Age

  • Languages and Identity: Many threads of the same fabric

  • Dear Woo Woo World

  • Why Would You NOT Become a Woman of Success

  • Being a Cat in a World Made for Dogs

  • Financial Empowerment is the New Feminism

  • The Spiritual is Political

  • Unfucking the Patriarchy is a Revolutionary Act of Self Love

  • Balanced Leadership

  • Shadow Work: The Ultimate Self-Care

  • The Manifestation Process that Led to My Biggest Month in Business

  • Grow a Soul-Aligned Business - Human Design

  • This is precisely when artists go to work

  • The Blessing of Hitting Rock Bottom

  • The Pursuit of Money

  • How Can We Live in Vitality

  • Unwinding: A poem by Debbie Danon

  • Breaking Free from the Imposter Trap

  • Meet the Soul of Your Business

  • The Healing Power of Multilingual Poetry

  • Who are you, truly?

  • Say Their Name

  • Overcoming Hardship: The journey of finding your way to your purpose

  • The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

  • MOMents of Mindfulness: Grow your tree meditation and exploring the iceberg

  • Pretending is Not Self-Preservation, it's Problem Perpetuation

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