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June 2023

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About the Issue

Go on an adventure of inner exploration and alignment this summer with the June issue of SOULACY

Inside the issue:

18    It's Time to Do Less and Get More Done

20    Grab Your Camera for a Spring Workspace Refresh

22    Herbal Magic: Cooling Summer Tisane

24    Creating Content and Connection

26    The Yin/Yang of a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur

28    Explore Your Emotions

30    Bending Time: Ditching Perfectionism

34    MOMents of Mindfulness: Conscious Communication

38    You See Better With Your Eyes Closed 

42    Turn the Burnout Bus Around

44    Light in the Darkness

46    What If You Already Have It All?

50    Perfectionism Is a Superpower

52    Unwinding: A Poem by Debbie Danon

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Print and Digital



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