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July 2022 · MONEY Special Edition

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About the Issue

Each summer we bring together the top names and voices from around the world to write about wealth, finance, money, mindset, growth, manifesting, and more inside the pages of MONEY, our summer special edition of SOULACY.

Grab a cuppa and settle into 130 pages of words and wisdom from women entrepreneurs from around the world sharing their expertise, advice, and perspective on wealth, money, investing, recession-proofing your business, healing money trauma, pricing and profits, manifesting, and so much more. 

Inside the Issue:

  • The 2 Success Saboteurs Blocking Your Wealth

  • Herbal Magic and Tea Alchemy with Amandine - Herbal Blend for Abundance

  • Your Recipe for More: More Rest + More Money

  • We All Need a Little Money Therapy to Fall in Love

  • Money Moves to Make When the World is on Fire

  • 3 Ways for Fall Out of Fear and Into Love with Money

  • Ask Sankeetha: Let's talk recession

  • Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya Melendez Gonzalez - Money edition

  • This Radical Shift in Perception Will Make You Feel Worthy of Millions

  • The One Thing You Need to Never Outlive Your Money

  • You Get to Choose Your Experience with Money

  • How is Financial Trauma Affecting Your Success?

  • Compassionate High-Profit Pricing Mechanisms

  • What if money grows on trees?

  • How to Become an Energetic Match for the Money You Desire

  • Money and the Nervous System: How to feel safe around money

  • Money. Power. Women.

  • What if you already have it all?

  • Planning for Real Profits: 4-step roadmap to grow past 100k with confidence

  • Partnership Parenting: Guiding Children to Have a Healthy Money Mindset

  • Why the State of Your Bank Account is Directly Related to Your Dominant Persona

  • Witch Wound and Money

  • Does Money Change People?

  • A letter from Lakshmi: The goddess of of wealth and good fortune

  • Letting Your Passions Lead the Way to Generational Wealth

  • Project Equity and They Will Come

Includes colouring and journal pages.

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Digital and Print



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