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January 2022

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About the Issue

Now available for free, this January issue of SOULACY from 2022 brings you the power of presence as you head into a new year.

Inside the Issue:

  • Pinning with Presh: All things Pinterest marketing - Is it still relevant?

  • Love Notes from Lottie: Self-compassion

  • Herbal Magic & Tea Alchemy from Amandine: Winter herbs

  • Empowering You: A note on celebration

  • 3 Mindset Shifts to Master Your Word of the Year

  • Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya Melendez Gonzalez

  • It's Benediction Time

  • Ask Ebonie: What does it mean to be a priestess; Growing your business your way; Setting boundaries with a former romantic partner

  • Clarity, Community, and Cocooning

  • Radical Self-Trust: The catalyst for growth and expansion

  • Cosmic Business Alignment

  • What Will You Witness this Year?

  • MOMents of Mindfulness: Focus on a single point and witness your surroundings

  • The Healing Power of Multilingual Poetry

  • The Law of Vibration

  • The Systems in Place Keeping Us Stuck

  • What if 'Finally' Came First?

  • Writing Your Way to Change and Courage

  • It's Time to Trust the Compass of Your Soul

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