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February 2023

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About the Issue

The first issue of the new year is always such a beautiful one. I love reconnecting with our writers, reading their words and getting a sense of how they're settling into winter and easing into the new year. I have such gratitude that we're a community here at SOULACY and together with the writers I experience the wonder of commaraderie and the feeling that we're on this journey together. It's also really bloomin' nice to know that I'm not the only one taking a slow and winding path to getting back into working again. 

Winter is always a time of hibernation for me, which you'll read about in Jennifer Major's article on Embracing YOUR Seasons. I adore the earlier darkness of night. It feels like such a gift of rest. A present from the world saying, Yes, rest now, sleep longer, snuggle deeper. 

And that is exactly what this issue honours. Rest for your mind, body, soul, spirit. Alignment with the season. Presence in the calm and quiet after the bustle of the end of the year holidays. Awareness that we're not calendars, nor machines, and that we have natural cycles within us that give us all the time and space that we need to do and be everything we want and not have to rush.  The articles, stories, and insights on these pages have captured this essence fully. 

This issue is like a love letter to embodying and loving yourself and your seasons and cycles. What better time to do that than in February when we can celebrate all forms of love? So, I give you this issue as a token of the love I have for all our writers here at SOULACY who lovingly and openly share their wisdom and knowledge and insights with all of us and for all our readers who we walk alongside on the journey of creating a more loving and equitable world for us all.

Inside the Issue:

Pace, Peace and Empowerment for the New Year

Love the Mess You're In

Herbal Magic & Tea Alchemy with Amandine

Love Notes from Lottie

Chat & A Cuppa with Megan & Jennifer

Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya

Ask Ebonie: What if you could go back in time?

Writing a Book This Year? How to charm the muse

Embrace YOUR Seasons

Rewriting My Relationship to the Night Owl

New Year, New You? That is so last year. Here's why...

Celebrating and Aligning with the 3-Day Restorative

Intuition is Your Greatest Asset for 2023

You Are Worthy: A Poem by Ntathu Allen

Structure for Your Soul

A Love Letter from the Goddess of Love Herself

Finding Your Way Back Home

A Vision for Your Expansion and Growth

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