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August 2022 · Summer Mini Issue

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About the Issue

August is when we slow down, allow ourselves to bask in the sun and settle into the heat, and enjoy the last of summer. It's a great time to rest and recharge, step away from business for a bit, and enjoy the efforts from spring and early summer. So with this mini issue of SOULACY we bring you...

  • Love Notes from Lottie

  • Self-Care Inspired by the Season featuring two herbal blends to enjoy

  • Vegan Recipe for Coconut Cashew Cream Pie

  • Shifting Seasons with Ease - helping you prep for autumn

  • Cosmically Curated Bookshelf with Tonya Melendez Gonzalez

  • Stepping Away from Your Business to Fall Back in Love with It

  • Ask Ebonie: All about Leo season

  • Daily Self-Love Affirmations

  • The Radical Edge of Rest

  • The Difference Between Hard Work and Heart Work

  • Going Beyond the Law of Attraction

  • MOMents of Mindfulness: A SENSational End of Summer

  • Healing a Journey, Not an Event

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