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April 2023

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About the Issue

Welcome note from editor:

"I've just this moment finished with the final approval for this issue and the part of it that I noticed most was just how colourful it all is. From the spring recipes, to the vibrant graphics visually representing the editorials, to the book covers from the recommended books. Everything inside this issue is fresh, has a feeling of bursting forth from winter, and the air of spring growth. 

You may not know this but we never constrict our writers with what they can write about nor how much or how little they need/should write. We don't give them themes or guide them in any way - except for the specials, MONEY and SELF CARE. It's one of the parts of SOULACY that I love best. All we ask of our writers is that they write what's on their hearts and minds because we trust that whatever comes through for them will be needed by our readers. So it's always such a joy to go through the editing queue and look through the finished magazine and see how the writers have independently created an overall vibe for the issue. 

And this one, is definitely aligned with the season. It's full of advice for growth, recipes to nourish, books to sit outside and enjoy the warming temperatures, ways for us to settle more fully into ourselves and perhaps start down a new, more enlightened and aligned path, and of course, the stories, poems, and articles that may spark some insights and offer inspiration for you as you grab spring with both hands and jump in head first. 

This issue also feels like the perfect way to start off Year Three of bringing SOULACY into the world. We have an amazing featured writer, Rachael Howourth, joining us this month  sharing their extensive experience in sales to help us evolve with the times and better connect with our customers and clients, and a brand new Resident Writer, Leah Kent, has joined the SOULACY family, sharing her first article with us about flowing with the resistance we may be feeling as we write. 

This is also our first ever green cover. This year we'll use growth as a guide for all cover art decisions, so starting off with some full-colour greenery feels really wonderful. And personally, as a lover of blue and not owning any green clothing (I probably couldn't pull it off), it also feels a bit like an adventure. SOULACY is growing beyond me, a bit like a toddler insisting on wearing fancy dress every. single. day., it's building a life and identity of it's own. And what better way to symbolise that then by going all out with a new colour palette, a new season, a new writer, new adventures, benchmarks, and milestones, and a new year of SOULACY.

I hope you've had a cosy and rejuvenating winter and are ready for a season of new beginnings, fresh growth, and expansion. "

Inside the issue:

16    I Love You, Sunshine: A Poem

18    Spring, Sprouts, & Spinach

20    Spring Tea & Self-Care for the Season

22    Ask Ebonie: How to manage unpaid clients

26    Do You Have a Muse?

28    A Look at Collective Fatigue

30    Flowing with Intuitive Resistance

32    You Can't Change the World if You Hate Yourself

34   The Evolution of Sales 

40   Your Values are Everything

42   MOMents of Mindfulness: Evolving with Technology

46    Are You Sitting at the Right Tables?

48   Will You Dare Yourself to Dream?

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Available in digital and print



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