Woman with Head Scarf

Our mission is to inspire, showcase, & support soulful and purposeful womxn on their journey of creating a legacy through conscious, soul-inspired entrepreneurship.


Because we believe when womxn step into their power, magic happens.

And the world needs our magic.

And from that magic, SOULACY was born

​'When you step into your soul purpose, the Universe steps in with you.'


Michelle Ireland, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

SOULACY was one of those ideas that was on the back burner for ages but just wouldn't quit coming back around again and again. 

I always loved the idea of creating something tangible, something that brought people together, something that was relevant, inspiring, and meaningful. Something that I could build and continue to build for decades. 

So, when the idea came back around again, this time I jumped on it. And before I knew where it was all leading, the most amazing womxn were reaching out to me to be involved. My one-day dream was connecting with so many people. The Universe had stepped on the path with me. 

So, SOULACY is built on magic. The magic of following a soul purpose + the magic of each and every womxn sharing their voices with all of us each month.

It is my greatest desire that you feel this magic in each and every issue and that our voices inspire your on your own soul journey.


Digital monthly magazine for soulful womxn creating a legacy 

Every month, SOULACY brings you conversations on...

  • Building generational wealth

  • Growth mindset

  • Heart-Centered leadership

  • Physical, mental, and spiritual health

  • Authentic marketing and storytelling

  • Growing a sustainable business

  • Diversity, inclusion, and social consciousness

  • Embodying your power

  • Self-care

  • Understanding your energy and trusting your intuition

  • Being the voice of the change and impact you want to see in the world